Operation Grace MN Vision


The long term strategy and goal of Operation Grace is to increase dental services to areas and communities with a high density of families in urgent need of dental care. Ultimately we believe there is documented need to fully utilize five to six dental vans throughout the state of MN.  Volunteers will be the driving force of this growth.

Short term goals are:

  • Build a solid “team approach assuming ownership” at each site partner willing to commit to stabilize and staff each scheduled dental clinic.
  • Build a “school based oral health initiative – hygiene” in select schools. Provide two days per month of preventive oral health therapy and instruction to schools with high populations of minority and low-income families.
  • Increase outstate services in selected cities using a mini-mission (Friday/Saturday) approach to oral health – preventative hygiene.  (Target areas include: St. Cloud, Brainerd/Baxter, Austin, and Owatonna.)
  • Increase use of Lil’ Flossie to five days per week primarily for follow-up restorative dentistry after initial appointment with dental hygienist.
  • Continue to identify and build support for a second dental “restorative” van.
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