E-Book Writing and Marketing – Your 6 Step Roadmap

Writing your own e-Books allows you to make hundreds of thousands of dollars within a handful of hours of effort. To do so you need only 1 essential ingredient; determination and focus.

Within this article from https://2brosknow.com/, we’ll outline the fastest, easiest, and most complete way to create an E-Book to promote your online business.

Here’s what you need to do: 1) Choose a niche topic; 2) Create content about the niche subject and then give it away to attract visitors to your online business; 3) Set up a well designed and effective website or sales page; 4) Use only MUST-HAVE software; 5) Drive traffic to that sales page; 6) Follow up with your prospects through follow up email marketing or telephone conferences.

Sounds simple, right? But keep in mind all that comprises the proper sequence of each of the steps. This is the actual process steps your ideal demographic will follow to develop their own e-Book, plan their e-Book marketing with teleseminars, and also have their book published and promoted properly and efficiently within their marketplace.

It’s a lot to master, but by having your own branded book under your name, you will be all of the stronger as you know you have a proven formula for your every problem! You will know how to roll out successful programs on every aspect of this product creation process.

So let’s take a look at the first step: choosing a topic.

The essence of what you have to do here is to find something you’re very passionate about and that lots of people are interested in reading about. You also want to know what the prospective marketplace wants. Having a passion for the topic you chose also means you know you won’t get tired of it and run out of fresh material. You will gain expertise in your niche, and learn the language of your market. After you have done that you’ll be able to get more excited about actual writing your e-Book.

Now that you’ve chosen a niche topic, we need to create content.

So choose an easy yet fresh way of writing or recording key information related to your niche topic. This might be a simple little 300-600 word article or a free special report. The idea is to provide something new to your target market that you’re interested in without going all out.

Now that you’ve decided on a format the next step is to put that information somewhere online. It needs to be an asset to your audience for your business. And in the particular case of this article, we’re discussing it’s going to be an integral part of your website so that your audience isn’t distracted by the fact that your e-Book is seemingly more meets than knew a thing.

We’re ready to start planning your marketing strategy with this e-Book idea.

Most people today rely on search engines to bring them the most qualified visitors. This is why you need to choose the best keywords that get the most search volume and pop up in the search engines most frequently.

One quick way to see what keywords are being used most frequently and ranked highest by search engines is by checking the Google AdWords Tool.

There are active keywords that have achieved results ranging from one to five-star ratings by Google and Yahoo. And a star rating indicates that the keyword generated a lot of traffic.

By analyzing keywords and their searches it’s pretty easy to determine the best strategy for your e-Book marketing.

You’ll do well by taking the keywords that people use the most and ranking your pages with those keywords. So if the largest amount of searches for the keyword are under 1,000,000 results, then you have a good chance of ranking well for it.

Another tip: make the name of your e-Book file an exact match keyword that appears on the search page results; for example, create a name such as ‘5 Step E-Book’. If your niche were “Earning Traffic” then the keywords you would use would be “Making Money Online”, “Work from Home”, etc.

Now that you know how to generate content on the topics you’re interested in, you’re on your way to creating an awesome content-rich e-Book and a brand-new offering that sets you apart from the other marketers in your target market.

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